Art Naturals Pure Essential Oils; Best 16 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set; Pure Therapeutic Grade Quality Oils; Premium Gift Set

Art Naturals Pure Essential Oils; Best 16 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set; Pure Therapeutic Grade Quality Oils; Premium Gift Set




Bath your skin in the rich minerals of nature with Art Naturals Pure Essential Oils. This set of the best sixteen essential oils are all made to deliver their full therapeutic effects. Only the finest ingredients are also used. It helped make a premium formula. Steam distillation is also the factor for preserving the natural compounds of the raw materials.

This signature collection is valued for its ability to bring out the full benefits of its ingredients. They are useful not only for household matters but also for personal care. These essences can be mixed with carrier oils, bath products or even used on a diffuser. Each oil has its own unique properties that offer health benefits.

With their distinct scent, they can make your home ambiance more pleasant and soothing. Each essential oil also features healing and restorative qualities. While they are mostly used for aromatherapy and massage, these oils also have therapeutic effects. Their healing powers are great for day and night aromatherapy.

Organic ingredients used are also of fine quality and directly delivered from other countries. Art Naturals kept a purely natural formula and haven’t used any kind of toxic chemical as an additive. This set of oils enriches daily showers and the ambiance of a room. It is also a great addition to skin care with its soothing and nurturing abilities.

For skin care, it is best mixed with lighter oils. A few drops will be enough to give effects. It can also be added to bath products to give it a soothing aroma. Buy and try these essences and find uses for them in household and personal care. They will not only improve your skin care but they can also boost the effects that it has on you.

Go with high quality products like Art Naturals Pure Essential Oils and enjoy its extensive benefits. These top 16 essential oils are truly a gift to the buyers.

Additional Information

  • Can be added in bath and personal care products for added scent.
  • Set comes with 16 different essential oils.
  • Products come in a 10 ml bottle.
  • Can be mixed with other essential oils and carrier oils


  • Art Naturals Pure Essential Oils is a set of the top 16 essential oils.
  • Steam distillation for concentrated healing power.
  • Each oil has aromatherapy qualities with their unique scents.
  • Purely natural formula.

How To Use

For skin care, it is best to mix it with carrier oils with lighter consistency. It helps retain the components of the essential oils. Once the blend is finished, take a few drops and apply directly on skin. Massage gently and let the oil seep through the skin. This also works for using the product as a massage oil.

For aromatherapy, put a few drops in a diffuser or humidifier. It can also be added in bath and personal care products for daily showers.

Product Information


Bergamot oil from Italy, Cinnamon Leaf oil for Sri Lanka, Grapefruit oil from USA, Lime oil from Mexico, Patchouli oil for Indonesia, Pine Tree oil from Austria, Tangerine oil from USA, Eucalyptus oil from India, Frankincense oil from India, Lavender oil from Bulgaria, Lemongrass oil from India, Sweet Orange oil from Brazil, Peppermint oil from Greece, Rosemary oil from Morocco, Tea Tree oil from Australia and Lemon Oil from Italy.


12 x 6.2 x 1.7 inches


1.6 pounds