Olay Regenerist Treatment Kit; Microdermabrasion and Peel System Kit; Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles; Instant Fix Formula

Olay Regenerist Treatment Kit; Microdermabrasion and Peel System Kit; Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles; Instant Fix Formula




Skin can reveal the age of a person. It is especially noticeable on the face. Fine lines and wrinkles are results of aging. You can’t turn back time but you can fade signs of skin aging with suitable beauty skin care products. Olay Regenerist Treatment Kit will stimulate the skin for cell renewal revealing a softer and smoother surface. This kit introduces a peeling system that is gentle on the user.

This kit comes with a microdermabrasion treatment product and an activator serum. When used together, these two products provide great results. Look younger and radiant instantly with this kit. This system makes use of an exfoliating cream that is gently coarse on the skin. It removes dull and dry skin while stimulating it for renewal.

This microdermabrasion treatment contains derma-crystals that remove dead skin cells and other impurities from the surface of the skin. It also helps fade signs of aging to reveal tighter and smoother skin. Fix blemishes and get even skin tone with just one use of this exfoliating mask. The fine texture of the derma-crystals help lift off dead skin cells. It is effective for every skin type but is also gentle enough to use weekly.

It also comes with a peel activator serum that helps skin recover and stimulates it for renewal. When applied on face, it helps create a more radiant and smooth skin surface. Olay Regenerist Treatment Kit will pamper your skin and help you look younger. Each product is made with special formulas designed for instant but long-lasting results. Use twice a week to promote faster skin renewal.

Enjoy the gentle abrasion of the treatment mask and the warming sensation of the activator serum. Use regularly to get great results. Discover the power of Olay Regenerist Treatment Kit to transform every skin care routine into a pampering session.

Additional Information

  • Comes with microdermabrasion treatment mask with derma-crystals.
  • Peel activator serum for conditioning for softer and smoother skin.
  • Delivers a warming sensation on the face.
  • Products are made with instant fix formula that helps fade signs of aging.


  • Olay Regenerist Treatment Kit is a two-step system to fix signs of aging.
  • Speeds up skin renewal for softer and smoother skin.
  • Fades fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Comes with microdermabrasion treatment and a peel activator serum.
  • Cleanses and moisturizes skin.
  • Gentle enough for weekly use.

How To Use

Olay Regenerist Treatment Kit is a two-step system of exfoliating the face.

First, use microdermabrasion treatment mask. Take the desired amount on fingertips. Apply the mask to clean, dry face. Gently massage on skin in a circular motion for 45 seconds to one minute. Cover all areas of the face.

Take a small amount of the peel activator serum on fingertips. Apply a thick layer directly over the treatment mask. Create a rich foam by massaging for one minute. Enjoy the warming sensation that the products bring. Let the derma-crystals dissolve. Add activator serum as desired.

Gentle enough for weekly use. Avoid contact with sensitive areas of the face such as eyes, lips, and nostrils. Rinse immediately once contact occurs. Do not exceed the use of twice a week. Do not use on consecutive days. Avoid too much exposure to sun while using this product and a week afterward.

Product Information


Microdermabrasion Treatment with Derma-Crystals (Net wt 2. 2oz/64g): Peg-8, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silica Silylate, Polysorbate 20, Niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, Fragrance, Yellow 5, Red 40.

Peel Activator Serum (2fl ox/59mL): Water, Sodium Lactate, Lactic Acid, Butylene Glycol, DMDM Hydantoin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Disodium EDTA.


2.6 x 2.6 x 5.2 inches; 10.6 ounces


11.2 ounces