Premium Nature Argan Oil Hair Protector Spray; Thermal Heat Protector; Prevents Dryness, Breakage and Split Ends

Premium Nature Argan Oil Hair Protector Spray; Thermal Heat Protector; Prevents Dryness, Breakage and Split Ends



Protect hair from damage and keep it silky smooth with Premium Nature Argan Oil Hair Protector Spray. Styling can damage hair, making it unmanageable. This is one of the best natural hair care products infused with moisturizing ingredients that strengthen hair for easy styling. Using the protector spray improves hair, making it soft, smooth, and shiny.

Exposing hair to high heat can remove the necessary moisture that makes it soft and manageable. This is why excessive use of styling tools and products damages hair. This causes hair to become rough and brittle. Breakage happens when combing or styling hair and this causes split ends. Premium Nature protector hairspray prevents damage from happening while giving hair extra shine and softness.

Argan oil has moisturizing properties that help hair stay silky smooth all day long. It provides antioxidants to fight free radicals that can ruin hair. With Argan Oil Hair Protector Spray, hair gets stronger and improves its resilience against damage caused by styling. It seals in the moisture to hair to prevent dryness. A thin coat of this hair protector spray shields hair from sun damage too. This product works for natural hair and extensions.

Premium Nature uses high-quality ingredients. These raw materials are all-natural, making the protector spray gentle for all hair types. Use it as a styling agent or as a leave-in conditioner that prevents hair from getting dry and rough.

Apply the spray before using a styling iron or a hairdryer. It provides extra moisture that prevents hair dryness and breakage. This hairspray improves hair texture to prevent tangles and knots from forming. It detangles knots to keep hair smooth to the touch. Use after shower and before styling or drying hair. Spray on scalp and all over hair and leave on for a few minutes before styling. Handle hair with ease and get shiny hair after!

Additional Information

  • For natural hair and extensions
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Contains Argan oil for extra moisturizing benefits
  • Detangles hair knots for smoother texture
  • Cruelty-free and paraben-free


  • Protects hair from styling damage
  • Conditions hair for long-lasting moisture
  • Strengthens hair to prevent damage
  • Repairs rough and brittle hair
  • Gentle to all hair types

How To Use

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or any sensitive areas of the head. Do not spray near eyes, mouth, nose, or ears.

Hold the spray bottle 5-10 inches from hair and spray all over. Make sure to give hair full coverage. Massage to scalp and hair from roots to tips. This helps provide long-lasting moisture to hair. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes to let the product set in hair. Style hair after the time is up.

Product Information


Argan Oil



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