Radha Beauty Rosemary Essential Oil; With A Soothing Fragrance for Aromatherapy; Moisturizes Skin and Hair

Radha Beauty Rosemary Essential Oil; With A Soothing Fragrance for Aromatherapy; Moisturizes Skin and Hair




There’s no doubt that using essential oils for skin protects it from damages and even from premature aging. But before its skin benefits are discovered, they are more famous when it comes to aromatherapy. And the Rosemary Essential Oil of Radha Beauty. Of course, this oil has powerful effects on its own.

Getting a whiff of the soothing fragrance of this Radha Beauty rosemary oil helps uplift the mind and spirit. With a pure organic extract from the rosemary herb, it has a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin and hair. Aside from this, it also retained its fragrant aroma that is perfect for aromatherapy.

To use this product, adding a few drops in bath water gives it an appealing scent that relaxes the body. It eases away the strains on the muscles and helps relieve stress. Add it on bath and body products to give them a calming fragrance and a boost of nourishment. Aside from this, it also has wonderful effects when applied on skin and hair.

Its moisturizing effects are perfect for the skin and scalp. Because it is free from any chemicals and additives, it is also safe to use. Compared to normal products, it is the better choice. Of course, Radha Beauty also looks into using only the best ingredients for their products. This oil has a high quality and positive effects that make the skin feel softer and the hair, silkier.

Its versatility truly makes life easier and more enjoyable. It does not only improve the skin and hair’s health, it also eases the stress and anxiety of a person. Because of its wide range of effects, it works just well for holistic wellness. One bottle of oil delivers the benefits of three products – a skin and hair care savior and an aromatherapy oil.

Additional Information

  • Moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness.
  • Gives the hair a healthy shine.
  • Made from best sourced ingredients.
  • Soothes the spirit and mind and leaves the user feeling refreshed.
  • Eases stress and anxiety.


  • Therapeutic grade quality oil for personal care.
  • Pure organic rosemary oil without additives and fillers.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals that might damage the skin or hair.
  • Works well for skin and hair care.
  • With a soothing fragrance perfect for aromatherapy.

How To Use

Store at a cool temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight. For best results, use as indicated. Avoid applying directly on skin without diluting in carrier oils. Do not ingest. Keep away from reach of children. Immediately consult the doctor once ingested.

For skin, it is perfect for cleansing as it has antiseptic abilities. To use the oil, add a few drops into bath water to let its scent envelope you. It also has moisturizing abilities. Take the dropper and put a few drops on the palm before smoothing over the skin. Massaging gently helps it absorb into the skin quicker.

For hair, mix it with a shampoo of your preference. Massage on scalp and do this routine regularly for great results.

For aromatherapy, just put a few drops of the oil on a diffuser or humidifier to let the fragrance spread around the room. It is also perfect to add in wax to create scented candles.

Product Information


100% Pure Rosemarunius officinalis (Rosemary) Oil; Steam Distilled


2 x 5.3 x 2 inches


9.6 ounces