Must-Have Products for Brows and Lashes on Fleek

Time to put liners and mascaras down and take a second look on your brows and lashes. Are you satisfied with what you’re seeing? With on-fleek brows as the rage nowadays, you can’t afford to get left behind. Striving for a life of beauty and aesthetics mean knowing what tools can help bring out the best in you.

And if it’s lashes and brows we’re talking about, then you have a lot more to discover than the basic mascara and liners. Here are the products you need to know about to keep those arches and your thick lashes.

Thick Eyebrows

Daily Priming for Instant Transformation

There are definitely perks in owning a mascara. It instantly transforms your lashes to have a thicker volume which frames the eyes. But there are also risks of getting used to one. Since mascaras clump the lashes together with its formula, don’t expect the strands to withstand such harsh treatment.

Waterproof products are even harder to remove and a lot of people know how it’s such a challenge to wash them off without taking out a lash or two. But with these products, you can get that lush look easily.

Brush for Definition

You can’t just get that naturally thick look without giving your brows and lashes some definition. A great brush helps separate the strands easily. Thick and full volumes are achieved when the strands follow one direction without seeming like they are all over the place. To do this, you need a brush that has fine bristles that are also soft.

High-Quality Curler

Gentle Curlers

When your lashes lose their appealing curve, curlers help you restore them. But excessive use of a curler actually damages the strands. It sometimes causes the falling of lashes. To avoid this, you should use one that has a foam pad on each pressing side. It does not make the strands and pull them out. It is also gentler on lashes. Or you could also prefer to use a high-quality plastic accessory instead of metal.

Styling Brow Gels

For thick brows, making them stay in place without going wild is important. The defined arches are important especially when you’re going for a sleek look. Brow gels help in making the strands stay in place. But it’s not all there is to it. Some gels are also suitable for thin brows since it helps fill in the gaps on the lashes. Make sure to follow the flow of hair to give it a full appearance.

Full Arched Brows and Lush Lashes

Fill-In Liners

To get that catty fierce look, you focus on enhancing the look of your eyes. To do this, there are liners that draw straight clean lines. But there are also liners for the brows to fill in the sparse spaces and give it a distinct shape. But make sure not to use it too much since it sometimes affects the strands and gradually change their colors too.

Framing the Eyes with Mascaras

A common tool to save you from having dull-looking eyelashes, mascara sure is handy. Waterproof ones are even better since they do not fade even with sweating. You can even make sure that you still have those gleaming attractive eyes after crying. While it empowers you to be in your best form, remember that too much use of mascara makes your lashes fall.

False Lashes to the Rescue

And if you can’t get your lashes to cooperate, no need to worry since there are false lashes to help you achieve beautifully curved strands. There’s even a variety of this type of product that you can choose from.

Long Lashes that Frame the Eyes

Boosting the Stronger and Thicker Growth

Of course, if you’re averse to using only artificial products, you can still transform brows and lashes to have voluminous bodies. Changing your diet to help with the healthy growth of hair is not the only solution. Here are also products you might want to use to nurture those strands.

Boosting Serums

Serums work well for whatever purpose you’re using it. Its ability to seep through the strands easily and boost the natural processes of the body is truly remarkable. It even works well for your brows and lashes! A lot of brands are now venturing into its production since its effects give great results of naturally thick lashes and brows.

Essential Oils

Of course, let’s not forget that oils are also perfect for naturally transforming your brows and lashes. Plus the minerals that they contain nourish the strands. You’re not only avoiding concerns such as falling lashes and thinning brows, you can also use it as a substitute for your makeup products.